श्री साईं सच्चरित्र संदेश

"तुम्हें अपने शुभ अशुभ कर्मो का फल अवश्य ही भोगना चाहिए I यदि भोग अपूर्ण रह गया तो पुनजन्म धारण करना पड़ेगा, इसलिये मृत्यु से यह श्रेयस्कर है कि कुछ काल तक उन्हें सहन कर पूर्व जन्मों के कर्मों का भोग समाप्त कर सदेव के लिये मुक्त हो जाओ" I

"जो मुझे प्रेम से पुकारता है उसके सन्मुख मै अवलिम्ब प्रगट हो जाता हूँ" |

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year 2013

The road to SUCCESS is never straight.
There is a curb called FAILURE,
a Loop called CONFUSION;
Red Lights called ENEMIES;
Caution Lights called FAMILY;
Speed bumps called FRIENDS &
Flat Tyre called JOBS;
However, if you have a spare tyre called DETERMINATION;
an insurance called FAITH,
you will make it to a place called SUCCESS!!

"Wish You A ... Truly Fulfilling, Great, Prosperous, Blissful, Healthy, Bright, Colorful, Delightful, Mind Blowing, Energetic, Terrific & An Extremely Happy, Peaceful and Love filled  New Year 2013."
May This Year Be The Best Of All  Previous Years !!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

First Chavadi procession in Shirdi - on 10th Dec 1909

Today is the sacred day when the very first chavadi procession was held in Shirdi during the time when Shri Sai Baba lived in his flesh and blood. It was a beautiful occassion for Sai Baba. During this procession,it was known that even Baba stood facing the Chavadi. He shone with peculiar aura.It seems as if the face of Baba took over the glory of the rising sun. It was on 10th December 1909 when the first chavadi procession took place.....

Let us all read the Chapter 37 of Shri Sai Satcharitra and imagine ourselves with Baba in the Chavadi procession